sky pointer - for a healthier body

Sky Pointer is made of Mahagony seeds. It helps to support a healthy immune system and enhances the body’s natural defence. The nutrition controls diabetes and high blood pressure level while improving erectal dysfunction and period cramps. It also supports on maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.


  • Controls and prevent diabetes
  • Controls and prevent high blood pressure
  • Controls and reduce cholesterol level
  • Aids in blood circulation
  • Prevents gout
  • Aids digestive system
  • Improves period cramps
  • Improves erectal dysfunction
  • Reliefs migraine

Suitable for:

  • Men and women (25th years old and above)
  • Under treatment

Main Ingredients:
Mahogany Seeds – Active Components

1) Flavonoids – Benefits

  • -Also found in Gingko nuts, biloba and tongkat ali, it stimulates the opening of blood vessels, supplies oxygen and nutrients throughout the whole body and also an agent for anti-oxidant
  • It is able to reduce and control the sugar level in the body
  • Able to reduce high level of cholesterol

2) Saponins – Benefits

  • Able to enhance the body immune system
  • Stimulate insulin incretion from the pancreas – Improve blood flow and function
  • Aid the respiratory system
  • Increase the sperm count in males
  • Able to detoxify the body
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Aid with sleeping patterns

3) Bitter Alkaloid – Benefits

  • An organic element that has a natural medicinal properties
  • The bitterness from mahogany seeds are from bitter alkaloid, it helps the blood to prevent the growth of various types of viruses and bacteria that are the leading cause of various diseases
  • This will help the mature construction of white blood cells in the human body to strengthen the body’s immune system to prevent from attacks of bad organisms.

Mr Jumat Bin Tahar

70 years old

“I feel more energised throughout the day! 

After 6 months consuming Sky Pointer, my body feels lighter and healthier! I don’t feel lethargic and weak anymore! Thank you Sky Pointer!”

Mr Zainudin Bin Zakaria

55 years old

“my high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol is now under control!

During a visit to the doctor, it was known to me that my diabetes, High blood pressure and cholesterol are all now under control and I also have seen imporvements in my overall health!”