Madu Al-Amin

100% Pure Honey from Egypt. Honey has its own distinctive features with key values in health. It contains strong iron and vitamins.

In addition, honey is also important because it meets the need of the body and provides the body with ample energy. It can also be part of your daily routine and it practiced everyday, will prevent any diseases, naturally.   


For Skin, Hair and Eyes

  • Appearance of hair, skin and eyes to be healthier and more radiant
  • Helps improve sense of sight 
  • Accelerate the healing process for skin and protect bacterial infections when applied

For Digestive System:

  • Strengthens the Digestive System
  • Facilitates bowel movements 
  • Aids weight loss  

For Respiratory System:

  • Improves Breathing Problems
  • Natural Cough Reliever
  • Best Home Remedies for Respiratory Tract Infections

For Overall Health:

  • Strengthens the body of a pregnant woman
  • Natural alternative source of sugar for kidney and diabetic patients
  • Supplies the body with energy throughout the day
  • Rich with mineral substances
  • Facilitate absorption of calcium in the body
  • Source of Energy
  • Aids in brain development
  • Natural reliever for any situation

Suitable For:

  • ALL Ages