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Exercise helps ease arthritis pain and stiffness


As you consider starting an arthritis exercise program, understand what’s within your limits and what level of exercise is likely to give you results. Exercise is crucial for people with arthritis. It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue. Of course, when stiff and painful joints are already bogging you down, […]

How Exercise Helps Your Joints

Physical activity helps people with arthritis reduce pain and increase range of motion. But how does movement work in your body to help your joints? Synovial Fluid lubricates the Joints Physical activity helps people with arthritis reduce pain and increase range of motion. But how does movement work in your body to help your joints? […]

The 12 Foods That Your Parents Should be Eating Prevent Joint Pain

Joints are an amazing and integral part of the human body. They help us to run, walk, jump and move but most people don’t think about them until something goes wrong and they are left with achy joints that are painful, swollen or stiff that could be an early sign of arthritis. Arthritis affects about […]

Does Cracking your Knuckles cause Arthritis?

Joints can make a variety of popping, cracking, creaking, grinding, and snapping noises, especially in the knuckles, knees, ankles, back, and neck. The cracking occurs for numerous reasons, and it is commonly thought to cause or inflame arthritis. Between 25 and 54 percent of people are thought to crack their knuckles. Reasons include a nervous […]

7 Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

When joint pain flares up, you want relief—fast. But you might not want to pop a pain reliever, especially if you’re concerned about side effects or interactions with other drugs. Or maybe meds alone aren’t doing enough, so you’re looking to add a drug-free remedy to your arsenal. Ice and heat are great, but they’re […]

6 Tips on Keeping Your Joints Healthy & Strong


A joint is where two or more bones meet and it’s important to know how to keep them healthy and strong because damage to the joints is often extremely painful and sometimes irreversible. Extreme joint pain can aggravate and lead to long-term conditions such as arthritis. The good news is there are plenty of steps […]

6 Foods to Avoid If You Have Osteoarthritis


DIET AND OSTEOARTHRITIS Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cushion of cartilage between your joints breaks down and wears away. It can cause severe joint pain and swelling. Osteoarthritis (OA) is an inflammatory condition, so its symptoms can be aggravated by eating foods that contribute to inflammation in the body. Avoiding certain foods could […]

A Beginner Leg Workout Routine


You don’t have to be an avid gym rat in order to strengthen the many different muscle groups in your legs. In fact, there are many different lower-body exercises that require no equipment and that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. The exercises below can be combined into an effective, yet […]

Home Remedies for Arthritis


You may feel it in your knees, hips, hands or other joints throughout your body. Pain, for no apparent reason. Often it is a sign of arthritis, a very common problem that can take many forms. Simply stated, arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints. In addition to pain, some common symptoms are swelling and redness around the joint, […]