OUCH! Why do my joints hurt?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and affects up to 20% of adult Singaporeans. It typically causes aching in the joints. Causes of osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis isn’t just caused by ageing but also by factors such as: Excess body weight Muscle laxity Joint malalignment Previous joint injuries Symptoms of osteoarthritis Symptoms you may […]

Easy Exercises for Knee Arthritis

How exercise helps knee arthritis Arthritis affects millions of people around the world. Two of the most common types are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Both types often lead to knee pain. Exercising an arthritic knee may seem counterintuitive, but regular exercise can actually lessen — and even relieve — arthritis pain and other symptoms, such as stiffness […]

Osteoporosis Diet Recipe – Pasta with Greens & Tomato Sauce

This homey pasta dish uses chicken/beef strips in the tomato sauce, but for vegetarians it can be easily omitted. The collards and Parmesan elevate the calcium count to rival a cup of milk. Serves: 4 , Total time: 45mins Nutritions (per serving): Calories 364, Fat 9g, Cholesterol 14mg, Sodium 851mg, Saturated Fat 3g, Protein 17g, […]

5 Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Ours is a pill-popping culture, so it’s no surprise the default method for lowering high cholesterol levels is usually medicinal. Drugs are readily available. They’re effective. And the pill approach requires very little effort. Yet studies show that diet and lifestyle changes can be as or even more powerful than many drugs. Better yet, these […]


You’ve heard the popular slim-down suggestions—from eating smaller portions to adding more veggies to every meal—but there are factors beyond what you put on your plate that may help you lose weight. From strolling after dinner to waking up early on the weekends, here are nine new tips you need to know. Eating Less Often […]

Burn More Calories after your Workout

We’ve always heard that the positive benefits of physical activity continue long after your workout session is over. More energy, less stress and those “feel good” endorphins are some of the immediate effects. But what about the mysterious “afterburn” that a lot of people talk about? Do you really continue burning more calories after the […]


Try these tricks to reduce the calories you eat in a day! With post-gym starvation, afternoon slumps and evening noshing in front of the TV, it’s super-easy to think that you need more food—even if you just ate. To help keep your caloric intake within a healthy range, we spoke with experts as well as looked into […]