How To Keep Runner’s Knee from Cramping Your Stride


Runner’s knee—or, in more scientific terms, chondromalacia patella—occurs when the cartilage under the kneecap is damaged. It’s one of the most common injuries runners face due to that cartilage being a natural shock absorber, and according to Expert, there are a few different reasons those symptoms—AKA kneecap pain, swelling, or feelings of popping or grinding—ever even […]

5 Foods to Avoid With Rheumatoid Arthritis


There’s no cure-all diet for rheumatoid arthritis. But if you suffer from RA symptoms such as joint pain and inflammation, it’s smart to stick to a nutritious diet and avoid foods that may make RA symptoms worse. Where should you start? “You want to reduce inflammation [by avoiding inflammatory foods], and you want to avoid […]

Boost your Oestrogen Levels Naturally


Oestrogen is a steroidal hormone present in both males and females, with larger quantities existing in females. Oestrogen is actually an umbrella term for oestradiol, oestrone and oestriol. Oestradiol is the most potent form of oestrogen, rendering it the most biologically active in the body, oestrone and oestriol are weaker forms of oestrogen. In women, […]