Does Cracking your Knuckles cause Arthritis?

Joints can make a variety of popping, cracking, creaking, grinding, and snapping noises, especially in the knuckles, knees, ankles, back, and neck. The cracking occurs for numerous reasons, and it is commonly thought to cause or inflame arthritis. Between 25 and 54 percent of people are thought to crack their knuckles. Reasons include a nervous […]

11 Ways to Use Honey to Get More Gorgeous Skin, Hair, and Nails

Honey’s often thought of as a healthier sweetener, but you might be surprised to learn that this ingredient has tons of skin and hair benefits, too. Made by the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers, honey can help moisturise, fight aging, and fight bacteria. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C health benefits includes preventing and treating common cold, preventing scurvy, negating hypertension, healing cataracts, preventing cancer, promoting good mood, slowing down aging process, supporting healthy cardiovascular system, lowering cholesterol level, boosting the immune system and keeping the body safe from seasonal and food allergies. Vitamin C has various health benefits, it is considered […]

7 Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

When joint pain flares up, you want relief—fast. But you might not want to pop a pain reliever, especially if you’re concerned about side effects or interactions with other drugs. Or maybe meds alone aren’t doing enough, so you’re looking to add a drug-free remedy to your arsenal. Ice and heat are great, but they’re […]

Heart Disease – What you need to know?

Heart disease describes a range of conditions that affect your heart. Diseases under the heart disease umbrella include blood vessel diseases, such as coronary artery disease; heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias); and heart defects you’re born with (congenital heart defects), among others. The term “heart disease” is often used interchangeably with the term “cardiovascular disease.” Cardiovascular […]

8 Reasons why you should cut sugar from your diet

We’re hearing more and more about how unhealthy sugar is. Still need convincing? Here are some surprising but sound reasons to kick the sticky stuff… Sugar makes your gums bleed We all know that sweet treats can cause cavities, but how many of us realise that a high-sugar diet can also lead to gum inflammation […]