7 Ways To Be More Energetic

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Sometimes we get caught up in our own daily lives which may lead to not accomplishing our goals because of lack of energy, focus and even motivation.

Looking for a quick fix in making us feel better can include things that are hurtful to our bodies that could hurt us long-term.

Struggling through days where enough energy is expended, a change has to occur. I started implementing a few things that made me feel better, gave me lots of energy and a ton of motivation in order to complete daily tasks.

1. Take A Multivitamin That Works For You

Make sure you consult with your doctor before taking any multivitamins and do some research because you need to know exactly what your body is consuming.

You probably will go through a couple of different brands until you find a multivitamin that works for you. I would suggest making sure that iron is a core ingredient because it seems to correlate with energy.


2. Adequate Sleep & Rest

It is so important to get proper sleep and rest because it’s the core of having higher energy focus and the start of motivation. Naps can be very important too because it allows your body to rest in a short period of time. A quick 1 to 2-hour nap can give you so much energy and relaxation and should make you feel like you can accomplish a lot.

If you sleep with the TV on at night, be sure to get maximum rest and as much silence as possible by turning it off when possible. Sleep, energy and motivation are compatible with overall adequate rest in order to function properly.


3. Get Excited About Accomplishing Goals

As you start putting ideas in place, you should get motivated and excited to accomplish anything. Waking up every morning excited should be your norm because it’s a blessing to be alive and you are one day or maybe even an hour closer to something special.

It can be hard if you don’t go about things the right way but for a person that is confident and understands his or her journey, nothing should stop you from being excited. As you start checking off personal goals (even if they’re small), you should be energized and motivated to getting one step closer to accomplishing your goals.


4. Daily or Weekly Exercise

Exercising is the one thing that you can do to get more energy. The thing that you must understand about exercise is that it’s a process.

It starts with a plan so just don’t get up and start exercising without structure and approval from your physician. You don’t have to spend money by getting a gym membership or hiring a personal trainer.

Remember that you can always start stretching and doing that alone is better than zero physical activity. Be encouraged to implement daily or weekly exercises so you can have a little more pep in your step for energy and motivation.


5. Avoid Negativity At All Cost

One of the most important ways to get energized and motivated daily is by avoiding negativity at all cost. It can be completely draining and frustrating when someone is constantly being negative towards you.

The reason you should avoid it at all cost is that it can consume you by having self-limited beliefs. Some people can be extremely toxic but don’t let their ways steer you from your greatness.

Be prepared because some people want you to fail but you shouldn’t adhere to their belief system only yours is important. Think about all the great people that ever lived especially the ones we look up to. They all had haters, doubters, or just someone that was filled with bad energy.

It’s your responsibility to be successful, to be around better people and put yourself in a better position. It’s up to you in order to embrace positivity even from within regardless of how things may appear.

If you are motivated by the negativity of other people, then so be it if that works for you. Always welcome criticism but at the same time reject constant negativity at all costs.


6. Eating The Right Foods

Most fitness experts will tell you that 90% of what you put in your body will change the scope of your health in a positive way. Eating the right foods is definitely something that you should do to get more energy and subsequently be healthier.

You can start by doing research on the food that you eat and writing a detailed plan out for accountability. Know that details matter when you are dieting because some grocery products are loaded with sugar and other harmful ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables along with plenty of water can be a start for anyone that’s struggling to get their energy back. Checkout the foods that help to boost your energy level and immune system.


7. Find Time For Yourself To Reflect

In order to get energized and motivated to do anything, you must find time for yourself to reflect. This can be very helpful to motivate you if you can find time to think about a situation whether its short term or otherwise.

It doesn’t matter if you find time to reflect privately or publicly. People are different and operate independently in their own way according to comfort levels.

Don’t live in a bubble so go out and have some fun in the process. Be safe in a great environment and be responsible but find a reflection point to be proud of at that moment.

Have one of your favorite beverages if that’s your thing. It might be helpful for you to get out of your comfort zone in a celebratory way while reflecting.

Remember this is your only life so make the best of it. Get energized, find your motivation and be happy!