7 Exercises For Toning Your Body Right Now


It turns out that a lot of basic exercises that we all know and recognise are still some of the best for anybody trying to get a little leaner. Take a look:


Push-ups are still one of the best moves for toning from the waist up.

Push-ups are a great way to tone the upper body and build shapely arms and shoulders. But that’s not all they’re good for. “You’re still working the trunk, so you’re working the abs and the core,” expert said.


Planks and side planks are stellar core exercises.

Expert says he prefers plank moves to crunches or sit-ups, because you’re less likely to do them wrong and injure the spine. Plus, they’re generally more effective at building a tight core. “You’re holding and stabilising the spine,” he said. “That’s really what the core is supposed to do.”

When you get really good at regular planks, tart moving your axtreminities for extra fun

Lifting one elbow or one foot is “going to challenge the system big time,” Expert said.


Getting toned is not just about which exercises you choose. It’s equally important how you choose to do them.

Like many trainers, Expert recommends using a moderate amount of weight and quick reps for anyone aiming to tone up and slim down for summer. “To get ready for the beach, I would suggest a little higher intensity,” he said. “You want a little more higher rep exercise.”


High-intensity, plyometric, burst-like moves is the jump squat.

To try this one, bend down like you’re going into a normal squat (get your booty down like you’re sitting in a chair) then burst up into the air. Maloney says the benefits of a jumping movement like this go beyond shaping and toning.

“You’re also expending the energy that you need to actually lose the body fat that may be surrounding the dormant muscles,” he said. “Your metabolic need goes up, so your energy need goes up, so you burn more calories.”

The split squat jump is another perennial favourite.

From a split stance position like this one, jump up and switch over to the other leg. Try doing as many as you can for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 more.

And of course there’s everybody’s favorite jumping move: burpees.

Again, with this jump move, you’re not only toning the body – you’re expending extra energy to get lean.