7 Beauty Tips for Skin


Tip #1. Smooth away fine lines

To prevent ageing and ensure the delicate skin around your eyes stay taut, apply an eye cream above and below the eye area morning and night after the age of 25.

Tip #2. Removing the spots

Contamination of the environment is evident in our skin and can quickly lead to hyperpigmentation. This can happen even when you are in your car on a cloudy day or when you are in the office for a long time with the radiator near you. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that acts against skin hyperpigmentation and is the safest solution for spotting, although on dark skin, it may highlight the problem instead of removing it, so use sparingly if you have dark skin. 

Tip #3. Do not smudge-eye cream

The area around the eyes is very sensitive. Compared with the rest of the skin it can swell or rip much more easily. That’s why you should never forget your eye cream. A generous amount and a light massage are ideal for the simplest of beauty tips for the face!

Tip #4. Make the best for your skin

Even if your skin is healthy, it may still be sensitive at the same time. This could be a trait of your skin from birth, or an exogenous factor could be responsible, such as excessive exposure to the sun. In this case choose products containing Resveratrol and natural ingredients.

Tip #5. Care everywhere

Whatever products you use on your face such as moisturizer, sunscreen etc, apply to your neck, chest and hands as well. These areas need enhanced care!

Tip #6. Cook up a wrinkle-free skin

Tomatoes contain lycopene, a skin-friendly antioxidant that is also though to reduce cancer risk. Cooking tomatoes makes lycopene more available.

Tip #7. Disinfect now!

If you often get pimples on your chin and you are not currently going through puberty then you most probably do not suffer from acne. Have you considered that it might be your hands? Often when whilst using a computer we end up holding our chin or touching our face. But our hands are not so clean, so pimples appear. Make sure you always have an antiseptic gel at your office.